Friday, July 30, 2010

We Have Arrived!

Flynn is smiling as big as I am!

Entering the hole they call Jackson.

My trusty companion and I have safely arrived in the bustling cowboy town of Jackson, Wyoming! Leaving Chubbuck, Idaho this morning was relaxed and slow going...Yes, you read that right...I said Chubbuck (even spell check is suspicious). I know some of you are scratching your heads thinking..."Wait a minute, didn't she say after BM she was staying in Pocatello?". Well, the room I reserved at the Motel 6 was supposed to be in Pocatello, however, the true location is up the highway in Chubbuck. Funny they never mentioned that over the phone. I did take a spin around Pocatello just to say I was there.

Anyway, moving on...the stretch of driving today was astounding! I oooooohed and aaawed all the way! This is beautiful country out here! I look forward to exploring more with Briunski this weekend! On that note, I don't believe the bears and buffalo of Yellowstone offer wi-fi so I may go a couple of days without updating. Rest assured, I'll take lots of pictures and touch base when we're out of the woods!

Thankful Thoughts:

I am thankful for all the scenic wonders our country has to offer and for the money dedicated toward taking care of our roads.

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