Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Survived BM

Good morning! In the event you need somewhere to sleep between Winnemucca and Elko, Nevada there's a little place called...Battle Mountain. To prevent you from whizzing past this nondescript desert town, the initials 'BM' are enormously displayed on the hillside off of HWY 80.

Trivia: Battle Mountain is not a mountain. It's also been said that the battle after which it was named never happened. Once awarded the prestigious title "Armpit of America", BM (aptly initialed) offers a Chevron gas station, pizza for purchase at the liquor store, McDonald's, and a noisy, yet dog-friendly Super 8 Motel. A few dive bars and small casinos line a dusty block tucked behind an alarming number of aggressive pick-up trucks. Spending one night here doesn't exactly give me expertise to report on all that Battle Mountain has to offer, but, from what I can tell, their best feature is the sunset.

Nonetheless, I'm thankful that BM offered Flynn and I a safe place to rest.

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