Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Funny how much preparation goes into a simple road trip with your dog...Turns out, finding accommodations for my sidekick has proven challenging, expensive and time consuming!! In the name of safety and comfort, I've persevered through the search for "dog-friendly" hotels in towns I've never heard of. After hours spent searching the internet (internet... I'm extremely grateful!), I've got my full itinerary organized by day, distance and places we'll be laying our weary heads each night. Flynn is a lucky guy...He better pack his swim suit and I suppose I'll have to discuss with him the rules of the mini-bar.


  1. Flynn is a lucky guy! Have so much fun Jen!

  2. I see a future children's book in this! Maybe you should add one more nickname for Mr. Flynn...Bilbo :-) Love you.