Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Down Jackets and Candy Bars

Unprepared for yet another afternoon downpour, I sought shelter pressed against the wall of a Jackson tourist shop. A kind old couple stood next to me and we quickly struck up conversation. Naturally, the discussion began with topics such as the speed with which weather changes out here, where we call home and how obviously unprepared I was in my tank top and flip flops. Recognizing opportunity for warmth, I squeezed in a bit closer as the wife sandwiched her husband to his left. We laughed about his luck with two lovely ladies flanking his sides, then he gave me advice I will never forget..."You should always be sure to carry a down jacket and a candy bar out here...You never know when you're gonna need either one." I thanked him for his words of wisdom and within moments the rains calmed. We wished each other safe travels and I puddle-jumped my way back to the car before the next wave hit.

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